Write Anyways

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When life gets hectic and it feels like there is no time.  You may only have time for a handful of sentences, but that’s ok.  Write anyways. When you would rather be out in the sunshine soaking in the rays.  Take time to write about the joy that fills…

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We All have cracks, but that’s where the light shines in.

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I hold this line so close to my heart. For awhile I felt so down that I was worried I was damaged or broken. I started to call myself “beautifully broken” and that was consoling. These words helped me realize that I am just Beautiful. We are all so beautiful. Each and every one of us. Our battle scars add to the beauty.

Peace, Joy, and Love,


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Time for me to dream bigger!

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This is so true. It is good to be realistic when setting goals and for them to be attainable so we don’t get discouraged. Yet still we Must have dreams beyond the horizon that seem bigger than we ever dreamed we could accomplish because if they are there we can move in the direction to make it come true. If not, then we won’t. It reminds me of my example: you will never reach your target if you don’t have one. I need to create more dreams because I have already made the ones I created before come true. I always wanted to be a swim instructor and now I am one! I wanted to coach and now I coach nearly everyday! I wanted to do a triathlon and I made it happen!!!! Now it is time for me to create more dreams so I can turn them into reality.

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Fix Me

Dear Professor K,  Not so long ago, I had reached a point in which I would sit in class frozen in a state of anxiety and just sweat the entire time.  Being in this state made it impossible for me to learn and I started to dread even going to campus… I entered your class […]

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