Fit or Fat?

Originally posted on Living Out Loud:
I am practicing the art of awareness.  Now when I crave a certain food, snack, or drink, I ask myself:  “Was I fit or fat when I used to eat (or drink) a lot of this?”  That has been just enough incentive for me to drive right past the…

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Living Out Loud

Originally posted on Living Out Loud:
Living Out Loud “With my head in the clouds and feet on the ground.” Is a collage of my everyday life mixed in with grand adventures. I originally started this blog as a creative outlet and a gateway into the world of technology (a world I always feared) that…

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Summer Goals 2017

Happy 1st Day of Summer Everyone!!! I have 14 weeks of summer (before school starts again) and I want to make the most of my time.  Summers have passed me by in the past, but I won’t let that happen this time!!! Here Are My Summer Goals: Become a full-stack developer-  I decided last Saturday […]

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