Leaving You Behind…

Leaving you behind is the hardest thing for me. You brought so much love and joy to my life.  I just know that it was love at 1st sight. Sleepless nights and early mornings.  Days with you were never boring. Even on the sad days they never lasted.  Through the bad days we both blasted… […]

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To-Do-List: 3/8/17-3/12/17

I have been sad this week because I miss our puppy Ruby.  I have been so busy with school and work and even though I was taking her for walks; I know that she wanted more attention.  My boyfriend has been busy working full-time and building the business and so it was understandable that he […]

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My Heart Feels Split In 2…

Today was a big day… We covered the cardiovascular system in anatomy and physiology class (fascinating stuff.)  Afterwards I went lap-swimming for an hour followed by an hour in the sauna.  Lately I have been taking some time to “smell the roses” and realize how much I absolutely love being a college student!!! I have […]

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